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A Challenger for Democratic Party Chair Darlene Ewing?


August 24, 2011


by Shawn

Lyman King, a former Dallas South News writer, stopped by Suite 609 this morning.  He let me know that he is exploring a run to become chair of the Dallas County Democratic Party.  He said he hasn’t made up his mind, but looked like a guy ready to makes something happen.  I’m sure Lyman will let us be the first to know when he makes a decision.

Texas redistricting is near, Oklahoma/New Mexico beware

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September 23, 2010


by Shawn

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On Monday, the Texas Senate Select Committee on Redistricting met at the George Allen Court Building in downtown Dallas.  They took questions from citizens and public servants, many who referenced the last round of redistricting that turned into an ugly mess.  Some Texas Democrats fled the state holding the redistricting process hostage.

The 82nd Texas Legislature convenes January 11, 2011, and population data will be delivered sometime between February and April.  Texas has 150 State House districts and 31 State Senate districts.  Texas also has 32 U.S. Congressional districts but an additional 3-4 may be picked up due to populations shifts.  We hope to talk to local officials on this issue in the weeks to come, but Texans should start getting up to speed on the topic immediately.

What is Politics?

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September 20, 2010


by Shawn

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Politics, by definition, is to be shrewd or prudent in practical matters; tactful; diplomatic. A simple definition, yet not really known, or understood, by the average person.

It’s time to transform the landscape of understanding for both Gen X’rs and Millennials. We have to learn to become independent thinkers when it comes to politics the same way that we have in our careers. Instead we’ve let the media, also known as the story teller, rob us of the joy that we felt when electing our current president. Long gone is the village griot who had our best interest at heart and in walks the beast called modern day media. Everyone has an agenda.

“The story teller is the most powerful person in the world. We base our lives on what the story teller says whether it be print, radio, or television. My mother taught me as a young man to be careful who you listen to and to what they are saying. The story teller is clever and masterful and has already decided exactly what he or she wants you to think and believe. The story teller has the power to make one feel good or bad, appear strong or weak, confident or defeated.”

I nominate the introduction of a new education based movement in this country called Politicking 101. It’s time to educate ourselves. This is a plausible platform to play your role alongside thousands of others so that we can reignite the fire that blazed a trail in 2008. Get out there and attend the next city council meeting or find out what’s on the agenda for the next general session at your state capital. What a failure we are as a generation if we have no substance to support all of the hard work that we put into bringing this historical achievement to life. November 2010 will be the next major milestone in this never ending saga. It’s really time for us to re-evolve into a culture of substance. Making small practical changes today will help us start trending towards greater change in the coming years. The idea here is not to paint a picture of despair but to begin creating a path to empowerment. Looking for Change? Create It.

People don’t make bad decisions on purpose. Bad decisions are made from bad information or lack of information.

*Definition of politics sourced from

Chief Brown at Press Conference

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September 15, 2010


by Shawn

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I thought Chief David Brown was very good today at the press conference as DPD released video of what can only be termed as police officers beating a suspect.  He made it clear that the actions of the officers caught on tape, and those who would suppress evidence, would not be tolerated.

One officer has already been terminated as a result of his actions at a probation hearing today and Chief Brown has already reached out to the DA’s office suggesting criminal charges.  There just wasn’t much room for questions after today.  I thought it was interesting though that the ball got rolling based on an anonymous tip within the department.

Congresswoman Johnson Story

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August 31, 2010


by Shawn

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I’m still working through the information regarding Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson/Scholarship story.  The Congresswoman has admitted she was wrong in her actions and I have yet to speak with anyone in her office.  Working through it.