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3 The Hard Way – September 1, 2011


September 1, 2011


by Shawn


55-year-old security guard Lionel Newell was shot and killed yesterday as he attempted to break up a bank robbery. The robbery took place at Bank of America in the 3500 block of Lancaster Road.  The suspect was apprehended a few blocks away and detectives are preparing a Capital Murder warrant on the suspect.


Terrance Maiden writes for D Magazine’s Real Points on where leaders should focus their efforts to boost Southern Dallas.  He targets job growth as a key.


The Rangers are struggling, Alexi Ogando is struggling, outside of Scott Feldman, they has been little good news for the home team.  But on a positive note, the Rangers still lead the AL West by 3 1/2 games  after the L.A. Angels of Anaheim lost to Seattle last night.  .500 ball the rest of the way would probably get them in the post season, but I’d hate to see the fellas limp into the playoffs (no pun intended Nellie Cruz and Adrian Beltre).

3 The Hard Way – August 31, 2011


August 31, 2011


by Shawn


Well it looks like it all finally caught up with Parkland CEO Ron Anderson. The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Parkland’s Board of Directors has decided to replace Dr. Anderson after 29 years as the company’s CEO. Speaking of The News and Parkland, the hospital has been front page news in our front page daily for a while now.

The most recent troubles have come after a poor report from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services. I believe that there have been egregious errors made at Parkland. Some of them are probably enough to get a CEO fired and 29 years in that position is probably long enough.

But the stories I’m seeing it the paper are not putting those problems in proper context. D Magazine editor Tim Rogers wrote a piece for FrontBurner yesterday, Parkland’s Woes Not as Bad as Morning News Wants You To Believe. I agree with much of what Tim writes. I’ll put my own spin on it having covered the hospital as a pharmaceutical sales rep, but you have rarely seen Parkland compared to hospitals with its same mission.

The highlights of Tim’s piece are a DMN sub headline: National Health Experts Say Critical Report on Parkland Is Rare and Significant.

A DMN question asked of Mark McClellan about the critical report: How often do government regulators issue a highly critical evaluation….

An answer from McClellan within the story not related to evaluations: Cutting a hospital’s Medicare and Medicaid funding is rare.

And a written response from McClellan sent to Tim to clarify his statement: Corrective action plans are not rare. McClellan goes on to say the ultimate sanction is rare.

And we recently learned that Methodist Dallas received a Parkland-like warning from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services. Will that make for compelling reporting and front page news? I doubt it.


The mother of a first grader at Whitney Young Elementary in Oak Cliff says her special needs son was kicked off a school bus. Natelie Solis of reports that the 6 year old was let off the bus at Camp Wisdom Road and Lancaster which is 3 mile from the school.


I received a tip early Friday that Carla Ranger was going to resign. It turned out that tip was 100% accurate, and Ms. Ranger had posted a resignation letter to her blog. Then on Tuesday I received a business as usual sort email from Ms. Ranger as a reminder of Tuesday’s special meeting about 4-Year Trustee terms.

My first thought was that her resignation must not take hold until September 1st but I did wonder so I put in some calls. Well Ms. Ranger never officially resigned because she never provided the board with written notice. And she said the community was “overwhelming in their request for me to stay,” so she’s staying.

Paul Quinn’s Quinnite Salsa and My First In-N-Out Burger


June 30, 2011


by Shawn

Maybe because it’s almost lunchtime I’m writing about food, but I just had a flashback of Tuesday’s Town Hall Meeting at Paul Quinn College.  Refreshments were served and featured produce from Paul Quinn’s Food For Good Farm.  That night I was introduced to “Quinnite Salsa” which is made from vegetables grown in the farm.

One of the student farmers who served the salsa said they had made the sauce that day and it took them about an hour to do so.  The Quinnite Salsa was the freshest, most flavorful salsa I’ve ever tasted.  I went back for seconds and probably would have gone back for thirds but the 250 people in attendance cleaned them out.

Students also sold produce to residents at the town hall as well.  Squash, cucumbers, peppers and onions were available for purchase.

I’ll be first in line to purchase a jar of Quinnite salsa if and when it becomes available.

Also this week I made my first trip to In-N-Out Burger off Central Expressway near Caruth Haven.  When I went on Tuesday, the wait wasn’t that bad.  It took 20 minutes from the time I lined up on the service road until I drove off with my burger.

Not sure what all the hype is about, but I thought the burger was pretty good.  It wasn’t 5 Guys Burger and Fries good, but the burger was hot and fresh and I enjoyed it.  I’d definitely drive in again if there’s not a huge line.

Paul Quinn says no thanks to trash plan, Meet The Sports Diva


June 24, 2011


by Shawn

Yesterday I mentioned a release that was sent in by the University of North Texas at Dallas.  In it, they previewed the Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Collegiate Academy, a DISD “early college high school that sits on the campus of UNT.  The architecture looks great and I am excited to be there when the school opens in the fall.

Do you know The Sports Diva? Well you should.  Latoya Hardaway is bringing a new twist to local sports, a place where female reporters are almost nonexistent.  I’ve been following the Texas A&M Commerce graduate for a while and we had a chance to catch up at Opening Bell this morning.  She’s great on Twitter (@SportsDiva101) and also writes for The Dallas Weekly.  Suite 609 is definitely a fan.

Paul Quinn College is making a massive push to fight the city’s plan to divert most its trash to McCommas Bluff Landfill in Southern Dallas.  Next Tuesday the school will host a community meeting on the issue in the Comer and Isabell Cottrell Student Union Building.  I’ve received no less than 10 emails promoting next week’s meeting.  I’m planning on being there next Tuesday to file a report for Dallas South News.

Putting in work at Opening Bell


June 23, 2011

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by Shawn

Putting in work this morning from Opening Bell downstairs in between meetings.  Always surprised by the number of folks who don’t realize South Side has it’s own coffee shop.

Got a few stories still in the hopper (Baylor’s Diabetes Health and Wellness Institute turned 1 a couple of weeks ago), but today I posted Kelvin Justice’s review of the Bootsy Collins show at The Palladium ballroom.  Yesterday

Today and tomorrow, Hon. Al Lipscomb’s body will lie in state at Fair Park’s Hall of State.

Interesting quote that someone said in conversation this morning, “I was surprised at the amount of inertia in Dallas when it comes to new ideas.”  That makes two of us bro.

A Dallas Firefighter was found unresponsive at Dallas Fire Station 49, which is near Executive Airport and Bahama Beach.  WFAA 8 reports that he later died at Charlton Methodist Hospital.  That story literally hits close to home as I pass by that station 3-4 times a week.

The University of North Texas at Dallas just sent over a cool story about Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Collegiate Academy that should be posted at DSN by the end of the day.

A Look Inside Suite 609 in NBC 5 Election Piece


June 20, 2011


by Shawn

View more videos at:

Ken Kalitoff of NBC 5 came over to the DSN newsroom last Friday to talk about the election.  He also brought new NBC 5 reporter Amanda Guerra with him as well.  As you’ll see the newsroom was a hive of activity with former intern and current member of The Crew Jovana Sanchez-Melendez working away.  I thought the videographer did a great job and had some really interesting shots.

That’s What’s Up – September 29th

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September 29, 2010


by Shawn

93 Senior Corporal Promotions

From the Dallas Police Department

Today Chief Brown promoted 93 police officers to the rank of Senior Corporal.  There were two ceremonies held today at Jack Evans Police Headquarters for family and friends.  The officers’ new rank will not go into effective until September 29, 2010.  All newly promoted Senior Corporals will be assigned to patrol.

Book Signing/Reception at South Dallas Cultural Center

Dallas author Rosalyn Story will read from latest book Wading Home which explores jazz, family drama and love in post Katrina New Orleans.  The event which includes a book signing and reception will take place on Sunday October 3rd at 3:00 p.m in the South Dallas Culture Center Theater.  There is no charge for the festivities.

Fox’s Lone Star is no more

Well there will be one less television show filming in Dallas, as the Fox drama Lone Star has been canceled after two episodes.  Hopefully The Good Guys and Chase won’t suffer the same fate anytime soon.

Hat Tip @kdfw

That’s What’s Up – September 28, 2010

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Who Ya Rootin’ For Part II

Dallas area alumni of Prairie View A&M are gearing up for the Shreveport Classic.  On October 23rd the Panthers will face the Southern University Jaguars at Independence Stadium.  The “Who Ya Rootin’ For” Bus Trip Part II  will leave for Shreveport at 8 am on gameday.  Contact Coleman Vacations at 972-227-9114 to book your trip and hotel.

Center for Court Innovation

The Center for Court Innovation and the US Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance will be hosting the first-ever International Conference of Community Courts on Tuesday, October 19th and Wednesday, October 20th 2010 at the Westin City Center Hotel.   Conference registration is free.   Contact Elvita Dominique ( of the Center for Court Innovation for more information.

Dance Africa

Dallas Black Dance Theatre presents their 5th Annual DanceAfrica performance on October 8th and 9th.  Dance Africa is a celebration of African Roots through a weekend packed with dance, music, art and community events.  Performances will take place at the Majestic Theater at 7:30 p.m. each night. For more information visit the Dallas Black Dance Theater website.

The Green Product I Can’t Live Without!


September 25, 2010


by Shawn

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Dynamo Solar Radio

Ever had the power go out unexpectedly, being left unconnected to the world? I know that’s almost impossible these days with the power of technology just around every corner. But it’s still smart to have a good, old-fashioned backup radio handy for when that storm passes through, knocks out the power, and the power company isn’t exactly quick about getting your neighborhood back up and running. Add this cool green product to your emergency bag along with batteries and flashlights. The Dynamo Solar Radio is the perfect tool to have on hand for emergencies. It’s compact, eco-friendly design is stylish as well as handy. Charge it’s built-in battery using the sun or the hand crank so you’ll always have access to the world. It features AM and FM radio and weather band and costs a mere $24! Click here for more info.

Herb of the Week-Turmeric


September 23, 2010


by Shawn

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Many people have heard of this spice, but don’t know exactly what it is. It’s the spice that makes curry powder yellow. But even more than adding color to food, turmeric is great at fighting free radicals, protecting the liver against toxins and encouraging circulation. It also helps lower cholesterol, improve blood vessel health and help ease the pain of arthritis. Turmeric is used as an antibiotic and has anti-imflammatory properties. Caution: Extended use can result in stomach distress.

Nutrients: calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, vitamins B1, B2, B3, and C

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.