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1st Day of Class

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September 9, 2010


by Shawn

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Today we have four students in class.  We have three sophomores and one senior in the course.  Our class is meeting in the Zale Faculty Annex.

Does your child bring home textbooks?


September 3, 2010


by Shawn

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I was talking to some parents last night at football practice.  They represent different school districts and said that their kids don’t have textbooks to bring home to work on their homework.  According to the parents, the kids only bring home worksheets.

As described to me, the schools are so worried that the books won’t be returned that students are not allowed to take textbooks home, using only a “class set.”

Is this common?  We’re at a DISD Montessori school so we haven’t run into this problem.  I just wonder if anyone else can confirm this.

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