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What was the purpose of DMN’s Sunday Craig Watkins post?


July 18, 2011


by Shawn

On Sunday there was a lot of space in the Dallas Morning News devoted to an article on District Attorney Craig Watkins. I’m really still trying to figure out why.

Surely it wasn’t to tell us that Mr. Watkins has left some local writers out of the loop on recent email communications. The headline proclaims “after acclaim for exoneree work, Dallas DA Craig Watkins taking hits.” What Black man who was voted into his position isn’t taking hits these days.

Looking over the Dallas Observer’s shoulder to report on financial issues feels like a rehash. It would have been nice to see some links to DO’s previous reporting since it was fresh when they did it.  I’m sure Chief Brown will be back in the rotation soon.

Dave Levinthal headed to Politico


June 24, 2011


by Shawn

Dave Levinthal, formerly of the Dallas Morning News is headed to Politico.  This morning @davelevinthal tweeted the following:

It’s official: I’ll be joining @POLITICO next month to cover campaign finance issues, lobbying and all things money-in-politics.

Dave was an excellent city hall reporter here and left the The News almost two years ago to the day. For the last two years Dave has been communications director for the Center for Responsive Politics.

Congrats to Dave and congrats to Politico.  They’re getting a good one.