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Justice for John Wiley Price Rally Adds Speakers


July 13, 2011


by Shawn

This coming Sunday at 4:30 p.m., the Justice for John Wiley Price Committee is holding a rally in support of the commissioner at St. Luke UMC.  In addition to Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and Dr. Zan W. Holmes, Diane Ragsdale and John Fullinwider will also be on hand to support Commissioner Price.  The St. Luke Choir and Community Drummers will also be present.  94.5 KSoul’s Freddy Haynes Unscripted will broadcast live from the rally too.

On The Agenda – July 12, 2011


July 12, 2011


by Shawn

Brooklyn – Wine Tasting Class, Dinner & Fashion Show

6 PM Wine Tasting Class
8 PM  Dinner and Fashion Show
Musical entertainment provided by Rusty Johnson

1701 South Lamar Street
Dallas, Texas 75215

A Good Start to the Week for Dallas South News


July 11, 2011


by Shawn

Hanging with BWB Presenters Akilah Richards of and Takeyah Young of

I had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles this weekend to emcee the 2011 Blogging While Brown Conference.  While there, I was interviewed by’s Zondra Hughes.  Hughes article (Hyperlocal Blogging is the Rage; So, Why Aren’t Black Bloggers Cashing In?) focused on my conference presentation “Bootstrapping your way to hyperlocal success.”

Also on Sunday, an associated press story (LA teen reporters boost community with newspaper) cited Dallas South News in news outlets across the country.  Christiana Hoag’s story featured the Boyle Heights Beat and referenced DSN as a nonprofit model news organization.

And also on Sunday I delivered a Rant on Inside Texas Politics on WFAA Channel 8.  This time the topic was government inaction that has taken hold nation wide.  Enjoy your week!

Recapping the week that was @dallassouthnews


July 8, 2011


by Shawn

Some great info up on Dallas South News this week after the holiday weekend.

Michael Hubbard asks who will fill the void in Southern Dallas leadership.

Abraham Sanchez makes is 1st DSN contribution with a review of the Mana concert at American Airlines Center with photos by his sister Jovana Sanchez Melendez.

State Senator Royce West recapped the 82nd legislative session in a opinion piece.

D.A. Craig Watkins says he’ll seek a private law firm to collect on bond monies owed to the County.

And Gary Reeves of WFAA 8 reported on a prayer rally held for Commissioner John Wiley Price and I was interviewed as part of the piece.

Not bad coming back from a long layover.  Next week will get even awesomer.

Paul Quinn’s Quinnite Salsa and My First In-N-Out Burger


June 30, 2011


by Shawn

Maybe because it’s almost lunchtime I’m writing about food, but I just had a flashback of Tuesday’s Town Hall Meeting at Paul Quinn College.  Refreshments were served and featured produce from Paul Quinn’s Food For Good Farm.  That night I was introduced to “Quinnite Salsa” which is made from vegetables grown in the farm.

One of the student farmers who served the salsa said they had made the sauce that day and it took them about an hour to do so.  The Quinnite Salsa was the freshest, most flavorful salsa I’ve ever tasted.  I went back for seconds and probably would have gone back for thirds but the 250 people in attendance cleaned them out.

Students also sold produce to residents at the town hall as well.  Squash, cucumbers, peppers and onions were available for purchase.

I’ll be first in line to purchase a jar of Quinnite salsa if and when it becomes available.

Also this week I made my first trip to In-N-Out Burger off Central Expressway near Caruth Haven.  When I went on Tuesday, the wait wasn’t that bad.  It took 20 minutes from the time I lined up on the service road until I drove off with my burger.

Not sure what all the hype is about, but I thought the burger was pretty good.  It wasn’t 5 Guys Burger and Fries good, but the burger was hot and fresh and I enjoyed it.  I’d definitely drive in again if there’s not a huge line.

Price Supporters Launch Project D.E.A.D.


June 28, 2011


by Shawn

Supporters of Commissioner John Wiley Price are organizing and looking to support him as the FBI continues an investigation into his affairs.  A group gathered at Southwest Center Mall last night as shown in the Channel 8 News package.  I also received an email asking supporters to stop eating at the BBQ franchise owned by Dallas County Commissioner Maurine Dickey which reads:

Commissioner Maurine Dickey has proven by her words and deeds that she has no respect for Commissioner John Wiley Price or our community.

So today let’s launch:

Project D.E.A.D

Don’t Eat At Dickey’s!

We cannot support individuals and businesses in this community who do not support us! There are more than 100 Dickey’s stores around the nation and they need to know that we MATTER!

Pass the Word!

I think business as usual is going to be on hold for a while.

John Wiley Price FBI Investigation: What we know so far


June 27, 2011


by Shawn

UPDATE: FBI investigating charges against Price that include theft, bribery, tax evasion, money laundering, structuring of transactions to evade reporting requirements.

What do we know about the FBI’s search of Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price’s home and office this morning?  Not a lot.  We know that his fellow Commissioner Maurine Dickey says it’s a “happy day for Dallas County.

We know that the home of Dapheny Fain, the Executive Assistant to Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, was also searched.

We know that County Commissioner Mike Cantrell’s office was searched but he is reportedly not a target of the investigation.

District Attorney Craig Watkins’ office is not commenting on the FBI’s investigation.

We know that the Tom Foolery has already begun as evidenced by this “Free J.W.P.” T-Shirt at  Hat Tip to Unifair Park who posted the T-Shirt earlier.

We know that a search warrant has been executed at the office of political consultant Kathy Neeley.

And I know that I’ll be on KLIF 570 with Jeff Bolton at 7:35 a.m. to talk about all that’s gone down.

We still don’t know why the feds have unleashed this shock and awe attack on the county.  Hopefully we will have more than speculation before the day ends.

And by the way, the new mayor of Dallas was sworn in today.  Welcome Mr. Mayor.

Dave Levinthal headed to Politico


June 24, 2011


by Shawn

Dave Levinthal, formerly of the Dallas Morning News is headed to Politico.  This morning @davelevinthal tweeted the following:

It’s official: I’ll be joining @POLITICO next month to cover campaign finance issues, lobbying and all things money-in-politics.

Dave was an excellent city hall reporter here and left the The News almost two years ago to the day. For the last two years Dave has been communications director for the Center for Responsive Politics.

Congrats to Dave and congrats to Politico.  They’re getting a good one.

Paul Quinn says no thanks to trash plan, Meet The Sports Diva


June 24, 2011


by Shawn

Yesterday I mentioned a release that was sent in by the University of North Texas at Dallas.  In it, they previewed the Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Collegiate Academy, a DISD “early college high school that sits on the campus of UNT.  The architecture looks great and I am excited to be there when the school opens in the fall.

Do you know The Sports Diva? Well you should.  Latoya Hardaway is bringing a new twist to local sports, a place where female reporters are almost nonexistent.  I’ve been following the Texas A&M Commerce graduate for a while and we had a chance to catch up at Opening Bell this morning.  She’s great on Twitter (@SportsDiva101) and also writes for The Dallas Weekly.  Suite 609 is definitely a fan.

Paul Quinn College is making a massive push to fight the city’s plan to divert most its trash to McCommas Bluff Landfill in Southern Dallas.  Next Tuesday the school will host a community meeting on the issue in the Comer and Isabell Cottrell Student Union Building.  I’ve received no less than 10 emails promoting next week’s meeting.  I’m planning on being there next Tuesday to file a report for Dallas South News.

Putting in work at Opening Bell


June 23, 2011

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by Shawn

Putting in work this morning from Opening Bell downstairs in between meetings.  Always surprised by the number of folks who don’t realize South Side has it’s own coffee shop.

Got a few stories still in the hopper (Baylor’s Diabetes Health and Wellness Institute turned 1 a couple of weeks ago), but today I posted Kelvin Justice’s review of the Bootsy Collins show at The Palladium ballroom.  Yesterday

Today and tomorrow, Hon. Al Lipscomb’s body will lie in state at Fair Park’s Hall of State.

Interesting quote that someone said in conversation this morning, “I was surprised at the amount of inertia in Dallas when it comes to new ideas.”  That makes two of us bro.

A Dallas Firefighter was found unresponsive at Dallas Fire Station 49, which is near Executive Airport and Bahama Beach.  WFAA 8 reports that he later died at Charlton Methodist Hospital.  That story literally hits close to home as I pass by that station 3-4 times a week.

The University of North Texas at Dallas just sent over a cool story about Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Collegiate Academy that should be posted at DSN by the end of the day.